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Fig. 3

From: Induction of apoptosis in imatinib sensitive and resistant chronic myeloid leukemia cells by efficient disruption of bcr-abl oncogene with zinc finger nucleases

Fig. 3

Effect of ZFNs on the expression of BCR-ABL and its downstream signaling pathways. K562 and K562/G01 cells were transfected with pAd-Track, ZFN-L, ZFN-R, Donor or ZFN-L/R and donor. Protein were collected after 48 h for western blotting analysis. a Western blot results showed that ZFN-L/R and donor reduced the expression of BCR-ABL and p-BCR-ABL. b The activity of p-STAT5, p-ERK and p-CRKL were decreased in the group treated with ZFN-L/R and donor

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