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Table 1 Summary of oncoproteins immune evasion mechanisms on LCs and DCs

From: Activities of stromal and immune cells in HPV-related cancers

Oncoprotein Action-mechanism
E5 Downregulates MHC I and II classes and impairs the transport of these molecules to cell surface [4]
E6 Reduces the number of intraepithelial LCs in CIN lesions accordingly to grade severity [131]
Reduces the expression of E-cadherin in infected keratinocytes and in higher lesion grades, disrupting adhesion of keratinocytes to LCs [14]
Impairs monocytes differentiation to Langerhans cells in vitro [135]
Induces death of precursor or differentiated monocytes in vitro [135]
E7 Downregulates essential molecules involved in antigen processing and presentation, such as TAP-1, TAP-2, LMP-2, LMP-7 and MHC I components [1]
Impairs gene expression of adhesion markers and costimulatory molecules in LCs [14]
Shifts cytokines profile: reduces TNF-α expression and induces IL-10 synthesis [14]
Along with E6, impairs APCs recruitment to infected sites because it reduces the expression of chemoattractant molecules such as IL-8, CCL2 and CCL20 [14]