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Table 1 Circular RNA in breast cancer

From: Advances in circular RNAs and their roles in breast Cancer

Name Dysregulation Sponge target Funcion Ref
hsa_circ_0001982 upregulated miR-143 Oncogene [53]
circGFRA1 upregulated miR-34a Oncogene/biomarker [59]
circ-ABCB10 upregulated miR-1271 Oncogene [57]
hsa_circ_103110 upregulated Biomarker [52]
hsa_circ_104821 upregulated Biomarker [52]
hsa_circ_104689 upregulated Biomarker [52]
hsa_circ_006054 downregulated Biomarker [52]
hsa_circ_100219 downregulated Biomarker [52]
hsa_circ_406697 downregulated Biomarker [52]
circ-Foxo3 downregulated MiR-22/miR-136/miR-138 Tumor suppressor [71]
CircRNA_1093 upregulated MiR-342-3p Oncogene [54]
circVRK1 downregulated Tumor suppressor [81]
hsa_circ_0001785 upregulated Biomarker [50]
hsa_circ_0108942 upregulated Biomarker [50]
hsa_circ_0068033 downregulated   Biomarker [50]