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Table 1 Human melanoma cell lines used in the present study, with reference to the mutational state

From: TNF-alpha and metalloproteases as key players in melanoma cells aggressiveness

  Mutant Gene Gene Sequence Protein Sequence PubMed ID
A375 BRAF CDKN2A CDKN2A c.1799 T > A c.181G > T c.205G > T p. V600E p.E61* p.E69* 16,801,397 7,923,152
A375M BRAF c.1799 T > A p. V600E 25,684,511
ME 665 NRAS c.182A > G p.Q61R 8,032,213
Mel 397 BRAF   p. V600E  
MEL 501 NRAS BRAF c.35G > A c.1799 T > A p.G12D p.V600E 24,838,835 15,467,732
MeWo CDKN2A TP53 TP53 c.238C > T c.772G > A c.949C > T p.R80* p.E258K p.Q317* 7,478,563 11,096,420
Preyer n/a n/a n/a n/a
SK-MEL-110 TP53 n/a n/a 16,267,831
SK-MEL-28 BRAF TP53 CDK4 c.1799 T > A c.434 T > C c.70C > T p. V600E p. L145R p.R24C 16,170,021 23,856,246 23,856,246
SK-MEL-30 NRAS CDKN2A c.181C > A c.341C > T p.Q61K p.P114L 10,766,161 8,895,759
  1. The asterisks refer to the mutations as reported onto the ATCC catalog