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Fig. 5

From: Landscape of tumor suppressor long noncoding RNAs in breast cancer

Fig. 5

Epigenetic modification leads to downregulation of TSLNR expression in breast cancer. a TSLNRs (WWC2-AS2, TRHDE-AS1, SMAD1-AS1, PGM5-AS1, NR2F1-AS1, MEG3, HCG11, HAND2-AS1, FTX, FAM66C, EPB41L4A-AS2 and CYP1B1-AS1) exhibited higher levels of DNA methylation in cancer tissue than normal tissue in the Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450 Beadchip data analysis of the TCGA breast cancer cohort. b TSLNRs (WWC2-AS2, WEE2-AS1, PGM5-AS1, NR2F1-AS1, LINC-PINT, HCG11, FTX, FAM66C, EPB41L4A-AS2, SMAD5-AS1, TPT1-AS1 and SNHG5) showed a significant H3K27me3 enrichment peak at each TSLNR locus in the MDA-MB-231 cell data obtained from the ENCODE database

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