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Table 2 KEGG pathway enrichment analysis of the target genes of LINC00968

From: Long non-coding RNA LINC00968 attenuates drug resistance of breast cancer cells through inhibiting the Wnt2/β-catenin signaling pathway by regulating WNT2

Pathway p value Gene
Proteoglycans in cancer 0.005872 TWIST2, DCN, RRAS, THBS1, WNT2
Wnt signaling pathway 0.00678 WNT2
Tyrosine metabolism 0.016454 ALDH3B1, AOX1
Drug metabolism 0.030724 ALDH3B1, AOX1
Viral myocarditis 0.038491 LAMA2, SGCD
Arachidonic acid metabolism 0.041231 CYP2U1, PTGS1
ARVC 0.067227 LAMA2, SGCD
ECM-receptor interaction 0.077424 LAMA2, THBS1
  1. Note: ARVC Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, ECM extracellular matrix, LINC00968 long non-coding RNA LINC00968