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Fig. 2

From: Anti-CD166/4-1BB chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy for the treatment of osteosarcoma

Fig. 2

Generation of CD166-CART cells in vitro. a. Schematic representation of CD166-based CAR constructs containing the CD3ζ cytosolic domain in combination with the CD137 costimulatory module (CD166.BBζ CAR). VL: variable L chain, L linker, VH: variable H chain, and TM: transmembrane region. b. A representative of CD166-CARs expression on human T cells transduced with lentivirus was analyzed using flow cytometry, which detected GFP expression at day 7 and 14. c. The expression of CD166-CARs in CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes of non-transduced T cell group and CD166-CART group after the transduction. d. The expansion of different T cells in vitro from day 0 to day 21. Results represent mean ± SD of three individual experiments

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