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Fig. 4

From: The TGFβ-miR-499a-SHKBP1 pathway induces resistance to EGFR inhibitors in osteosarcoma cancer stem cell-like cells

Fig. 4

miRNA profiling of CD166+ OSCs. a Venn analyses of the up- and downregulated miRNAs in CD166+ OSCs from primary OS tissues (left, yellow shaded; n = 3) and in CD166 cells with TGFβ1 (right, blue shaded), compared with CD166 cells, are shown. miRNAs that were significantly and commonly deregulated in both CD166+ OSCs and CD166 cells with TGFβ1 are shown in the overlapping area (green shaded). Only those miRNAs whose expression levels displayed greater than 2-fold decreases or increases were further studied. The table shows a summary of the significantly differentially expressed miRNAs in the overlapping area with fold change. b Relative expression of miR-499a in CD166+ OSCs, CD166 cells with or without TGFβ1 from OS-1 and OS-5 were examined by qPCR. Note: Columns, mean of three individual experiments; SD,**, P < 0.01

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