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Fig. 5

From: Hyper-activation of Aurora kinase a-polo-like kinase 1-FOXM1 axis promotes chronic myeloid leukemia resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Fig. 5

Effects of Thiostrepton, Danusertib and Volasertib on mononuclear cells from three patients resistant to TKIs without mutations on BCR-ABL1 . Reduction of clonogenic growth of cells from 3 patients with CML (blue, red and black curves) as compared to a healthy donor (HD; green curve) in the presence of increasing doses of Thiostrepton (0.05–0.30 μM), Danusertib and Volasertib (0.025–0.100 μM). Nonlinear regression analyses (GraphPad Software Inc., La Jolla, CA) were used to calculate the lethal dose (LD50) of different drugs in cell lines and in primary patient cells

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