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Fig. 5

From: Molecular pattern of lncRNAs in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 5

HCC-associated lncRNAs in protein degradation. a Upper panel: LINC01138 blocks E3 ligase CHIP-mediated ubiquitination of PRMT5 by sequestering PRMT5. Lower panel: decreased LINC01138 leads to release of PRMT5, which leads to E3 ligase CHIP-mediated ubiquitination of PRMT5 and its degradation. b Upper panel: HOTAIR acts as scaffold to bridge E3 ligase Mex3b and SUZ12, a core subunit of PRC2 complex, which leads to ubiquitination and degradation of SUZ12. Lower panel: DDX5 inhibits E3 ligase Mex3b-mediated SUZ12 protein degradation by displacing the Mex3b from HOTAIR

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