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Fig. 1

From: BTF3 sustains cancer stem-like phenotype of prostate cancer via stabilization of BMI1

Fig. 1

BTF3 expression is correlated with poor prognosis of prostate cancer (PCa)

(a-b) Kaplan–Meier survival analysis of PCa cases from MSKCC prostate (a, p < 0.001, Log-rank test) and TCGA prostate (b, p = 0.04, Log-rank test) cohort according to high and low ESC signature expression. REC = recurrence. (c) Immunofluorescence analysis of BTF3 expression in proximal, intermediate and distal region of prostate from mouse. (d) Immunofluorescence analysis of BTF3 and P63 expression in proximal region of prostate from mouse. (e) Expression of BTF3 in CD49fhiTrop2hi population compared with CD49floTrop2lo population in Smith prostate cohort. CD49fhiTrop2hi = CD49f high and Trop2 high; CD49floTrop2lo = CD49f low and Trop2 low. (f-g) Expression of BTF3 in PCa tissues compared with normal prostate samples in GEPIA Prostate (f), Singh Prostate, Luo Prostate, Grasso Prostate and Tomlins Prostate. * P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001.

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