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Table 2 The more significant studies describing the effect of CK2 inhibitors in combination with drugs in resistant cells and/or in in vivo models

From: Role of protein kinase CK2 in antitumor drug resistance

CK2 inhibitor In combination with: Tumor type Resistance to: In vivo study REF
anti-CTLA-4 antibody Lewis lung carcinoma, colon carcinoma, breast carcinoma   Yes [120]
CGIB-300 Cisplatin Cervical cancer   Yes [75]
CX-4945 Cisplatin, carboplatin, gemcitabine Ovarian cancer   Yes [73]
CX-4945 Imatinib Chronic myeloid leukemia Imatinib   [17]
CX-4945 Vinblastin T-lymphoblastic leukemia MDR   [60]
CX-4945 Decitabine Acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia   Yes [121]
CX-4945 Gemcitabine/ cisplatin Cholangiocarcinoma   Yes [55]
CX-4945 Paclitaxel Gastric cancer Paclitaxel Yes [18]
CX-4945 Temozolomide Glioblastoma   Yes [122]
CX-4945 Fludarabine Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Fludarabine Yes [115]
CX-4945 Dabrafenib (BRAF inhibitor), erlotinib (EGFR) inhibitor) Colon cancer BRAF inhibitors   [123]
CX-4945 gefitinib/erlotinib Lung cancer gefitinib/erlotinib   [96]
CX-4945 MEK inhibitor AZD6244 Non–small cell lung cancer EGFR inhibitor   [99]
CX-5011 Imatinib, MEK inhibitor U0126 Chronic myeloid leukemia Imatinib   [16]
DRB Doxorubicin Cervical cancer   Yes [19]
DRB, apigenin, emodin TRAIL
Endometrial carcinoma TRAIL   [23]
Quinalizarin Ionizing radiation Lung cancer   Yes [124]
Quinalizarin Pim-1 inhibitor TCS T-lymphoblastic leukemia MDR   [119]
TBB Imatinib Chronic myeloid leukemia Imatinib   [85]
TBB/IQA/2a Vinblastin T-lymphoblastic leukemia MDR   [58]
tTBB (also known as TBBz) HSP90 inhibitor 17-AAG Multiple myeloma   Yes [125]