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Fig. 4

From: LINC00673 is activated by YY1 and promotes the proliferation of breast cancer cells via the miR-515-5p/MARK4/Hippo signaling pathway

Fig. 4

LINC00673 promotes breast cancer cell proliferation by modulating the MARK4 and Hippo signaling pathways. a Expression heatmap of significantly differentially expressed transcripts after the RNA transcriptome sequencing analysis following LINC00673 knockdown. The red color indicates genes that were upregulated compared with the control cells, and the blue color indicates genes that were downregulated compared with the control cells. b The expression of MARK4 after the knockdown of LINC00673 was measured by using qRT-PCR. c Western blotting analysis of MARK4, p-YAP, YAP and TAZ in the indicated cells. d The expression of MARK4 was determined by qRT-PCR in 80 paired breast cancer tissues and adjacent normal tissues. e Kaplan-Meier analyses of the correlations between MARK4 expression and OS in 80 breast cancer patients. f A positive correlation was confirmed between LINC00673 and MARK4 by Pearson correlation analysis. g Growth ability of Hs-578 T cells after cotransfection with Lv-LINC00673, si-MARK4, as determined by CCK-8 assays. The data are presented as the mean ± the SD of three independent experiments. ** P < 0.01 and *** P < 0.001

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