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Fig. 5

From: Impact of Docetaxel on blood-brain barrier function and formation of breast cancer brain metastases

Fig. 5

DTX-treatment increases BBB-permeability in-vitro in a concentration-dependent manner. a Representative image of bEnd5 cells monolayer in TEER-measurement. b Permeability assay of treated (N = 3) vs. untreated (N = 3) bEnd5 cell monolayer, using different sized tracers (kDa 0.45; 3; 20; 70). Statistical analysis: unpaired t-test using GraphPad Prism Software. c Illustration of TEER-curve progression using primary MBMECs with DTX-treatment ((c) 5 ng/mL; e 500 ng/mL) vs. control and subsequent statistical analysis with GraphPad Prism software, using paired t-test (d, f). start of treatment, #

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