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Fig. 8

From: Role of mitochondria and cardiolipins in growth inhibition of breast cancer cells by retinoic acid

Fig. 8

Electron-microscopy of mitochondria in SKBR-3 and HCC-1419 cells. The two SK-BR-3 and HCC-1419 cell-lines were treated with vehicle (DMSO) or ATRA (10− 6 M) for 48 h. The photographs show electron-microscopy representative images from three replicate cultures of retinoid-sensitive SK-BR-3 and retinoid-resistant HCC-1419 cells. The images illustrate the ultrastructure of mitochondria which show no alterations in the outer membranes, cristae and matrix in either DMSO treated or ATRA treated cells. The left column bargraphs indicate the number of mitochondria measured in SK-BR-3 (upper) and HCC-1419 (lower) cells calculated as the numerical density of mitochondria (NV, n/μm3) estimated from the morphometrical analysis performed on 30 digitized electron microscope fields/experimental group. The right column bargraphs indicate the volume of mitochondria measured in SK-BR-3 (upper) and HCC-1419 (lower) cells on the same number of electron microscope fields as above. Each value is the Mean ± SD of 30 cells. **Significantly lower than the vehicle value (p < 0.01 following Student’s t-test analysis)

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