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Table 1 In vitro experimental data of radiosensitization effects

From: CDK4/6 inhibitors: a novel strategy for tumor radiosensitization

Authors CDK4/6 inhibitor Human cell line Efficacy with radiotherapy
Whiteway et al. [41] Palbociclib Medulloblastoma
SF2 a
SER10 b 1.6, SER50 c 1.5
SER10 2.3, SER50 2.3
Hashizume et al. [42] Palbociclib Intracranial ATRT d
DEF e 1.16–1.60
DEF 1.18–1.70
Whittaker et al. [43] Palbociclib Glioblastoma
(GBM-L1, HW1, RN1, BAH1)
Colony numbers drop to zero
Naz et al. [44] Abemaciclib NSCLC
(A549, H460, H820, H1975)
DMF f 1.30–1.71
Tao et al. [30] Palbociclib and Trametinib NSCLC
(A549, H460)
Cell survival fraction ↓
Apoptosis ↑
Huang et al. [45] Palbociclib HCC (Hep3B, Huh7)
CCA g (HuCCT1)
Tumor sphere numbers ↓
Colony numbers ↓
Xie et al. [46] Palbociclib NPC
SER 1.118–1.475
SER 1.10–1.20
Gottgens et al. [47] Palbociclib HNSCC
SER 1.36–1.60
Tai et al. [48] Ribociclib HNSCC
(OML1, OML1-R)
Colony numbers ↓
Cell viability ↓
Fernández-Aroca et al. [49] Palbociclib Breast cancer (MCF-7)
Lung cancer (A549)
Colorectal cancer (HCT116)
Cell survival fraction ↓
Li et al. [50] Ribociclib and CA3 EAC h
(Flo-1 XTR)
Colony numbers ↓
  1. a SF2, survival fraction at 2 Gy
  2. b SER10, sensitizer enhancement ratio at 10% survival
  3. c SER50, sensitizer enhancement ratio at 50% survival
  4. d ATRT, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor
  5. e DEF, radiation dose enhancement factor
  6. f DMF, radiation dose modifying factor
  7. g CCA, cholangiocarcinoma
  8. h EAC, esophageal adenocarcinoma