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Table 1 Overview of the genes with an altered expression level as effect of exposure to 12 serial doses of doxorubicin (P12), respectively 24 serial doses (p24) versus control cells (P0), on Hs578T and MDA-MB-231, considering a cut-off value for FC ±2 and p-value ≤0.05

From: New insights in gene expression alteration as effect of doxorubicin drug resistance in triple negative breast cancer cells

Cell line Analysis RNA species Upregulated Downregulated
Hs578T P12 versus P0 Coding Genes 966 1069
lncRNAs 534 907
P24 versus P0 Coding Gene 1181 904
lncRNAs 732 785
MDA-MB-231 P12 versus P0 Gene 510 561
lncRNAs 412 423
P24 versus P0 Gene 629 586
lncRNAs 344 596