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Table 2 APA databases

From: Alternative polyadenylation: methods, mechanism, function, and role in cancer

Name Description Year Species Website Ref.
PolyA-Seq Atlas A quantitative atlas of poly(A) sites using the PolyA-Seq protocol. Filtered sites are available via the UCSC Genome Browser. 2012 human, rhesus, dog, mouse, and rat [19]
APADB Database of APA sites and miRNA regulation events. 2014 human, chicken, and mouse [148]
APASdb Database of APA sites and heterogeneous cleavage sites downstream of poly(A) signals. 2015 human, mouse and zebrafish [149]
PolyA_DB3 Database of cleavage and Poly(A) sites identified by the 3ʹREADS protocol. 2018 human, mouse, rat, and chicken [150]
TC3A Database of robust APA data from 10,537 tumors across 32 cancer types. It is focused on human cancers and utilizes routinely available large-scale RNA-Seq datasets from TCGA. 2018 human [151]
PolyAsite2.0 Web portal of poly(A) sites identified by all 3’end sequencing datasets. 2020 human, mouse and worm [152]
APAatlas Atlas of APA across a large number of normal human tissues from the Genotype-Tissue Expression project. 2020 human [153]