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Table 5 The combined synergizing effects of Gossypol and its derivative (AT-101) against certain cancers and cell types

From: BH3-mimetics: recent developments in cancer therapy

Mimetic Cancer Cell Type Combined Apoptosis Ref
Gossypol Glioblastoma Diff13–20, TS13–20 temozolomide resistance [180]
Gossypol CML K562 imatinib [181]
Gossypol Colon HT-29 cells, HCT116, RKO fluorouracil [182]
Gossypol Nasopharyngeal, Breast, Gastric MCF-7, YC116, CNE2 gemcitabine [183]
Gossypol Ovarian OVCAR-3 and MDAH-2774 zoledronic acid [184]
Gossypol Thoracic H460, TE2, H211 TRAIL [185]
AT-101 Bladder UM-UC2, UM-UC9 gemcitabine, carboplatin synergized [167]
AT-101 Breast SKBR-3, MDA-MB-453 trastuzumab [186]
AT-101 Pancreatic BxPC-3 genistein [187]
AT-101 Prostate PC-3 and xenograft radiation [188]
AT-101 Prostate PC-3 xenograft docetaxel synergized [170]
AT-101 Prostate DU145, PC-3 sorafenib [174]
AT-101 Prostate VCaP bicalutamide [189]
  1. The therapeutic type is highlighted in bold (left column), non-synergy is highlighted by ‘-‘and the corresponding studies are referenced in the right column (Ref). Abbreviations: CML Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia