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Table 2 Key protein signalling pathways and phosphorylated proteins characteristics of each triple negative breast cancer subtype as derived from phospho-proteomics

From: Heterogeneity of triple negative breast cancer: Current advances in subtyping and treatment implications

TNBC subtype Key phospho-proteomic characteristics
Luminal androgen receptor PI3K/AKT signalling (AKT1, AKT2)
RB (retaining low levels of E2F)
Androgen receptor activity (AR, SREBF1)
Fatty acid metabolism
Mesenchymal DNA repair signalling (ATM, ATR)
Basal-like immune suppressed Cell cycle (CDK1)
Basal-like immune
STAT signalling (STAT1, STAT2, STAT5A)
  1. Data in the table are aggregated from Lehmann et al. [58] and Gong et al. [76]. Abbreviations: TNBC triple negative breast cancer