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Celebrating the 10th anniversary partnership with BMC

JECCR 10 years2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership between the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (JECCR) and BMC. This partnership enabled the journal to transition from a printed version to an online open access journal freely available to all.

Over the past decade, the journal has established itself in the top quartile of the Oncology category of Journal Citation Reports. During this period, Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research has published novel, up-to-date studies ranging from basic to translational research as well as research on personalized medicine.

To mark this occasion, we are looking back at the journal’s milestone achievements and highlighting some of the best content from the past 10 years.

Our Milestones

JECCR 10 year anniversary

(Journal highlights above are from 2008 onwards when JECCR began publishing with BMC and are current to 07 August 18)

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Comments from our Community

New Content Item"It’s a great privilege for me to congratulate the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research and its Editorial team for the 10th anniversary. The journal has outstandingly witnessed the extraordinary burst of knowledge at both pre-clinical and clinical cancer research. I am sure the journal will continue to assist the scientific community following the highest scientific standards and will gain growing leadership in the oncology field. Happy anniversary!" 

- Dr Giovanni Blandino, Editorial Board Member
Regina Elena National Cancer Institute, Italy

New Content Item"In the occasion of the 10th anniversary I wish to congratulate the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research and all the colleagues of the Editorial team for rising rapidly to such high standards in scientific publishing. The journal, flagship of the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Italy, under the wise and dedicated guidance of Mauro Castelli established itself, in a very competitive field, as a well respected source of excellent science bridging basic cancer research to the clinical setting."

- Dr Antonio Giordano, Editorial Board Member
Sbarro Cancer Research Temple University, USA

New Content Item"As the former Scientific Director of IFO/IRE, I am proud to have joined ten years ago this partnership with BMC, with the intention of making the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research one of the most important journals in the field of translational studies, connecting experimental and clinical research. Thanks to our choice to link the journal to the pioneer of open access publishing, BMC, and to both the Editor-in-Chief Mauro Castelli and the Editorial Board’s excellent effort, the journal has reached an impressive success. Congratulations to all of you for this great success and may the journal continue to increase its relevant position in the field of experimental and clinical research."

- Prof Paola Muti, former Scientific Director of IFO/IRE
McMaster University, Canada

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